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About My Art

From woodworking to sculpting to landscaping, I love to create with my hands. I use a variety of materials and I am always trying something new although I have determined my preference for natural materials and works celebrating the natural beauty and forces of the Rocky Mountains. All of my art is abstract, seeking to capture the character and essence of the constantly changing, deeply expressive land: a twisted tree branch, galloping horses, wind gusts out of nowhere, a mountain lion who disappears before you're even sure he was there. 

My sculptures are fluid, curvilinear forms with simple, clean lines and often an unexpected, hidden element. Asymmetry is key and balance essential. I prefer carving, releasing, if you will, the form from within the starting block. However, I also use an additive approach, taking advantage of the freedom and instantaneous feedback it provides. I work to instill a sense of vitality in every piece through the use of form, texture, and color. I’m always trying something new, to push the limits of the materials and techniques or invent new ones.



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